Snaefellsnes - West of Iceland

Snaefellsnes Private Tour

West of Iceland – Snaefellsnes

Snæfellsnes (Snaefellsnes) is often also called Iceland in Miniature. While it may only take one 3 hours to circumvent the whole peninsula, craters, glacier, eerie rock formations, the vast geological diversity can take you the whole day just to have a closer look at its wonders. This could also be why it was the inspiration of Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. It’s also believed that one of seven mystical energy centers of the world is situated here, are you ready for an energy boost?

The majestic Snæfellsjökull is the main attraction of the Snaefellsnes National Park. Measuring 1446m in height, the crater of the dormant volcano is 200m. Possibly due to its special magnetic properties, some people believe that this is one of the seven energy centers of the world. 

Another landmark location on Snæfellsness Peninsula is Kirkjufell Mountain, which is a beautiful symmetrical mountain that is also known as the Church Mountain. This free-standing 463m mountain is accessorized with a picturesque waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss, it’s no wonder this location is very popular among photographers.

On the south coast of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula sits Búðakirkja church, which is one of the landmark churches in Iceland. The distinctive black church is very popular among locals for weddings.

Nor far from Búðir is a humble fishing village called Arnarstapi. It also used to serve as an important trading port in the past. In the summer months, we have the option to take a short hike over to our next stop, the spectacular basalt rock formations at Hellnar.

Moving on to the western coast of the peninsula where we find Dritvik Bay. It is a black pebble bay with a series of oddly shaped rocks protruding from the ocean. Here you can also test your strength – there are four big stones that were used to test fishermen; Fully Strong 154 kg, Half-Strong 100 kg, Weakling 54 kg and Bungler 23 kg.

Tour length is from 10 hrs.


  • ISK189000
  • From 4+ person