South Coast

South Coast Private Tour

The South Coast of Iceland is made up of diverse landscapes. Along the coast we find stunning waterfalls coming off volcanic glaciers, black beach with stunning basalt columns, lava moss fields, and naturally formed ice caves and glacier lagoons. 

Seljalandsfoss is just over 60m surrounded by beautiful cliffs and slopes. There is a footpath behind the waterfall where depending on road conditions we can actually take a walk behind the waterfall for a different view.

Skogafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. Also measures around 60m in drop, it boasts a width of 25m. On sunny days it’s not unusual to see a double rainbow through the spray created by the waterfall.

Heading further east on the south coast we will find Dyrholaey, which is a 120m high headland extending into the sea. Sea erosion has left its mark in the form of a giant hole, leaving the cliff looking like a giant door arch at the southernmost part of Iceland. From April to August, it is possible to find the adorable Atlantic Puffins which like to build their nests on rocky cliffs.

Just around the corner from Dyrholaey we will also set our feet on the black beaches and rock formations, admiring powerful waves crashing up the cliffs at Reynisfjara. Here we will find not only black beach, but more notably the basalt rock columns, cave, and sea stack.

Optional Add-ons

Looking to spice up the trip and set foot on a glacier? We recommend glacier hike, where you can see how the landscape has been chiseled by the glacier as it forms and retreats.  

You will be accompanied by an expert glacier guide who will give you clear and precise safety instructions before setting off, and be provided with the equipment you need: helmets, crampons, ice axes and safety lines, things to keep you safe on this blue ice adventure.

Another option is to take it a step further into a naturally formed ice cave under the volcano, where you can marvel at the magnificent colors and textures inside the cave, with beautiful layers of ice and volcanic ash, painting impressive stripes in the glacier. 

For those who would like to go farther and see more, it is possible to stretch the distance and take one of our longest day tours to Jökulsárlón (Jokulsarlon) Glacier Lagoon.  At Jökulsárlon glacier lagoon you will see amazing icebergs that have calved off Vatnajökull glacier floating in the lagoon. The main lagoon measures about 7 square miles (20km2). Up until 1932 was covered in thick glacial ice, then the glacier started to retreat, and nowadays more than 330 feet (100m) of ice breaks away each year to reshape the lagoon and fill it with huge spectacular icebergs.

In the summer months, it is possible to take an optional Zodiac or Amphibian boat ride at the lagoon to get closer to the icebergs. You may even spot a few seals dotting in and out of the water. 

Along the way it is also possible to stop by Eldhraun lava field. This lava field was created in one of the biggest eruptions in recorded history. The eruption from 1783 to 1784 might even have been one of the causes of the French revolution due to the catastrophic impact it had on climate in not only Iceland but also Europe. Eerie formations of lava tubes are found here, in the warmer months they look like a field of moss bubbles

Tour length is from 10 hrs.


  • ISK189000
  • From 4+ person