Volcano Fagradalsfjall

Volcano Fagradalsfjall Private Tour

Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Seeing a volcano eruption on screen is inspiring, but watching it live in person is completely different. The sight of glowing and flowing lava making turns on molten rivers, sometimes conforming, sometimes changing its course, the crackling sound created when the lava swallows “new claimed” land, and the smell of moss and grass succumbing to the heat all come together making a surreal experience. 

Fagradalsfjall has been a rather quiet mountain situated in Geldingadalur valley on the Reykjanes Peninsula, until it started to show a lot of seismic activities in February 2021 and finally started erupting on 19March 2021. The eruption began with 3 craters, with additional fissures and vents opening up as the eruption progresses, the landscape evolves and that keeps on bringing us back time after time. The ongoing fissure eruption brings lava flow that has been largely stable, making it quite the “perfect” volcano to visit in person. 

Our guides are equipped with gas detectors, masks and headlight where needed, keeping your safety a top priority. 

You will need to be of average fitness level and be able to hike 7km distance. Our guide will pick the most suitable path based on factors including wind direction, distance and lava flow.

Start time of this tour is flexible, it is possible to start later in the day if you prefer to see the volcano in twilight (subject to time of the year and timing of sunrise / sunset) when the glow of the lava is even more magical. 

Tour length is from 6hrs with pick up and drop off in Reykjavík. 


Optional Add-ons

The Reykjanes Peninsula is endowed with a variety of landscapes, from peaceful lakes to bubbling mud vents. Here are some scenic locations that can enrich your tour. 

Kleifarvatn, the largest lake in Reykjanes Peninsula. The lake is well tucked in by mountains, it is great for a scenic walk on the black lava rock shore.

Seltun hot springs where you will see mudpots and hot springs of different colors due to presence of minerals and thermal algae, red rocks, bluish-grey water, white steam with a sulphuric punch, it almost feels like you landed on a different planet.

Gunnuhver, a collection of mudpots and hot springs that are named after Gunnuhver the ghost, which was believed to have caused great disturbance to villages and was trapped to fall into the hot spring by a priest 400 years ago.

Not far from Gunnuhver we reach the Reykjanes Lighthouse This was where the first lighthouse was built in Iceland. The 1905 earthquake severely damaged the structural integrity of the lighthouse; it was later demolished and rebuilt in 1908.

Before we head back to Reykjavik, we bring you back to the familiar earth where you will see the bridge between continents, it is a small footbridge that serves as clear evidence whereby the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are continuously drifting apart.


  • ISK125000
  • Up To 4 person
  • ISK159000
  • From 4+ person