Arctic Experiences

Breathe in the crisp arctic air, marvel at the sheer size of icebergs, battle with harsh weather in Greenland are truly humbling experiences that are so far away from your everyday life.
Arctic Advanced takes you to this land of raw nature where your adventure in the Arctic awaits.

Iceland is a great base to start your adventure to Greenland with direct flight to Ilulissat. Located on the west coast of Greenland, Ilulissat is home to UNESCO world heritage site where you find icebergs calved from one of the most active glaciers directly into the ocean through the Ilulissat ice fjord.

Take a boat trip that sails out among icebergs of different sizes and shapes. Some with height more than 100m above water level (can you imagine how deep it stretches down with only 10% of volume above water?), some take the form of an arch, some are shaped more like a whale. Be ready to be surprised by nature’s ice sculptures.

One of the best ways to experience a place is to connect with locals. We team up with local families who take great care of their sled dogs, showing you the traditional arctic way of living. There are no dug trails or paths, just open space for the sled dogs to take you through under the guidance of the owners with great understanding of what it means to be out in nature, and also which different weather and ice conditions there can be in the different areas.

If you are an adventurous one, spend a night in a traditional igloo out in nature. Hop on a snowmobile that takes you through valleys on a path taken by Ilulissat fishermen for decades until you get to the shore of a frozen lake where you will find the igloo lodge. Each igloo is equipped with sheepskin lined ice bed, modern winter sleeping bag, candles and of course the snow dome that insulates you from the elements outside. A cozily heated woodbean hut is by the igloo lodges where you can enjoy cooked meals and use of dry toilets. This is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the night just like the people of the Inuit culture have done for hundreds of generations.

Located 180km north of the arctic circle, there is midnight sun from 20May to 20July. The winter darkness spans from late November to mid-January. We recommend traveling to Ilulissat from March to mid-April to have a winter experience with decent day light, or Jun to September for a summer experience.

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