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Iceland is one of the top destinations for photographers.
The vast variety of landscape, change of seasons, time of day, change on weather (drastic or subtle) give endless possibility of what you can create.
Whether you are a professional or aspiring photographer, to make it a memorable and enjoyable photography experience, it’s useful to leave the logistics of planning and traveling so you can focus on creativity and being inspired.
We design each tour and workshop based on our local knowledge and experience on commercial production support. Our expertise extends beyond location, but also more importantly on road conditions and how to interact with ever changing elements so that you can get more out of the experience without compromising safety.

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Photography Day Tours & Scheduled Workshop

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    Snaefellsnes Photography Private Day Tour

    9-10 hours

    Snaefellsnes is often also called Iceland in Miniature. While it may only take one 3 hours to circumvent the whole peninsula, craters, glacier, eerie rock formations, moss fields, the vast geology diversity can take you the whole day just to…

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      Aurora Night Photography Private Tour

      4 hours

      The experience of watching the display of Northern Lights swirling in the sky is beyond words, many consider this (at least) once in a lifetime experience a bucket list item! Capturing them in photos take it to the next level!…

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